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Reviews of Firmen Sowers Personal Trainer: Kettlebell, Yoga, Pilates

“I’ve watched Firmen train a lot of people and I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback. I’ve personally only had four sessions with Firmen and already, I’m feeling stronger and more grounded than I’ve ever felt before. This is helping me have a more powerful yoga, NIA and martial arts practice. I’ve also had a chronic neck/shoulder issue that has since disappeared since working with Firmen and Kettlebells. As a bonus, I’ve lost 3 lbs and I haven’t even changed my diet yet. Firmen is an expert in his field. Not only is he very detailed in his instruction, he also educates you about your own body so you are empowered to use that awareness to move more fluidly and powerfully in your body. I’ve started to send clients to him to help educate them about their bodies and to improve their chronic aches and pains. ” (Jan-2010)
– Kristina Velez – Massage Therapist (La Jolla, CA)

“For the past 3 years Firmen has been my fitness instructor 3 days a week in the 7:00 AM weight training class. I have never met anyone more dedicated, creative or motivational than Firmen. He is very professional and attentive, for example always there on time and ready to get going, always making sure that posture and alignment are correct, and the like. With his guidance it is always a good workout. Thank you Firmen, you are the best!” (Jan-2009)
– Else Offersen (La Jolla, CA)

“Firmen has been my personal trainer for three years. As a result, at age 64 I feel more fit than at any time in the previous several decades. He has an amazing ability to create new workout exercises. More importantly, he knows just how much to push, while avoiding a situation that could result in injury setbacks (a significant concern for those in my age range). In my book, Firmen’s the consummate professional; I doubt you’ll find anyone better.” (Jan-2009)
– R. Bernstein

“I have experienced better muscle tone throughout my body and I’ve been able to maintain a straighter posture at 60 yo. Those 2 benefits alone would have been enough, but I must add that my reflexes are better — which was definitely a pleasant surprise! This class keeps me dancing & has given me the confidence to try other sports like paddle-board surfing! This class is perfect for me!” (Jan-2009)

“I’ve been working with Firmen for more than three years and, at 65, feel I am in the best shape of my life. He is patient, encouraging and extremely knowledgeable, never asking more of me than my best effort. One of the things I most appreciate about Firmen’s workouts is their constant variety. He never lets his routines become too predictable. As a result, his hour-long session goes by quickly and always leaves me with a sense of accomplishment.” (Feb-09)
– Tom S.

10/10 Just Finished Week 2 and Already Feeling Taller“After only two weeks of Firmen’s experiment, which included working with his co-workers, including yoga and fitness instructors, to see if he could improve our postures, increase our range of motion, and to see if he could nudge us off our individual plateaus. After only week 2 of the experiment I am standing taller and am getting a better sense of my body awareness. Firmen truly provides a fun but also very detailed and structured environment that promotes true growth and body awareness. I look forward to his 2 times-a-week sessions and all that he has to teach us. ” (Jan-2010)
– Nikki M. Krause (Pacific Beach, CA)

“I attend Firmen’s weights class three times a week and feel much gratitude to him for helping me stay in good shape as I move into my 50’s. Firmen has a unique style and provides both gentle instruction yet challenges and encourages me to push myself and my strength in each exercise. He changes exercises and uses weights in creative ways so classes are always new and different, but never boring. In addition, during the times I had a small muscle injury or sprain, Firmen suggested ways I could continue to work out and accommodated these injuries with suggestions of other exercises I could complete. Firmen also has a solid knowledge of the body, muscles and anatomical information that is helpful, particularly when he works with us individually to fine-tune the abs, or strengthen the back, for example. He also is adept at pilates and yoga and often integrates these practices into our weights class.” (Jan-2009)
– Barbara

Firmen is the best! It has been a pleasure working with Firmen over the past three years. Firmen is a master trainer, with extensive experience in several disciplines.  Firmen has progressive instructional skills utilizing creativity, endless patience and a caring nature that ensures success.  Working with Firmen has given me functional strength and fitness allowing me to participate in physically demanding activities that were impossible before his involvement. (Dec 2013)
– C Frost (la Jolla, CA)

10/10 Can’t Say Enough Good Things “In the past few weeks working with Firmen 2x/wk I have remembered what it feels like to really be in my body- Fantastic! Not only that, but I have a clear sense that the possibilities for getting my body to work in an optimal way are endless. I feel much more grounded, stronger, more empowered, and EXCITED to discover what my body is really capable of. Firmen is extremely knowlegeable, and has a great ability to transmit his deep understanding of body mechanics to his clients. His optimism and encouragement transmute even the most long standing body issues, or entrenched self-limiting beliefs into opportunities to watch real transformation happen. In my opinion Firmen is the Cream of the Crop at what he does. I can’t recommend him highly enough.” (Jan-2010)
– Christy R. Flowers (San Diego, CA)

“As a professional dancer, Nia and Yoga instructor, movement is my life. Exercise is a part of my life that keeps me physically, mentally and spiritually fit. Kettlebell training with Firmen has been a tremendous benefit to my physical well being. My dancing has improved as well as my Nia and Yoga practice. I have improved my shoulder girdle stability, as well as stability in my hip and knee joints. Firmen’s in depth instruction has been extremely beneficial in the learning process. He has created a positive, fun and intense environment that promotes individual drive as well as group support. I look forward to my weekly sessions as a result of his expertise.” (Jan-2009)
– Rocco Ragano

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LIFE/BODY/MIND TRANSFORMING “I have been using Firmen as a personal trainer for two years now and the strength and stretching regimens he has put me through have truly led to a transformation of my life, mind and body. The kettlebell workouts, as well as Olympic-style weight training, have directly contributed to improved performance and endurance in all sports in which I participate. Firmen’s guidance helped me pass the HKC and will certainly get me passed the RKC in August 2012. I can hardly wait for the challenge.

I have gained significantly more strength in all parts of my body and have gained additional mental confidence that I can apply to all areas of my life. Oddly, weight exercises that I do not do at all anymore, such as bench press, have dramatically improvement in both terms of the amount that I can lift as well as well as the number reps that I can handle without breaking form. In sum, kettlebells are an amazing form or exercise that too many people just do not even know about or completely misunderstand. Kettlebells are a great form of muscle confusion exercise that have had nothing but positive effects on me. Firmen is an excellent teacher and always ensures that his clients enjoy themselves, push themselves, remain engaged and remain safe.

You can do no wrong by working out with Firmen”.
– Trig Smith / (La Jolla, CA)

10/10 Amazing results “I have been with Firmen for exactly a year now. The discipline of his training, along with absolute confidence that with Firmen everything I do is both beneficial and safe, has made an enormous difference in my professional and personal life. As a professor at the University of California, I think we could all learn a lot from Firmen about how to teach. He is informed, creative, and devoted to his clients. I am a fan”.
– Steven Schick (San Diego, CA)

10/10 So Inspiring “Firmen knows EXACTLY how to challenge you. He moves you past what you thought were your limits, to FINALLY reach the results you’ve been looking for. And, there’s no wasting time. He’s inspiring because he is very firm and very forgiving at the same time. Firmen’s workouts offer a great balance of getting you to do what you think you can’t, all with a smile. And laughter – working out with Firmen is always fun.

You want results and you want to feel good doing it? Train with Firmen”.
– Gloria Gonzalez (La Jolla, CA)